Today. For tomorrow. For better. We are a creative collective for communication, storytelling and branding to make sustainability happen.


From the heart of Berlin to the world. We are, a creative network for communication, storytelling and branding. As ildsjeler, or „fire souls“, we are guided by an ever-curious spirit passionate about sustainability, good design, and the power of words. is a creative melting point, workspace, and close dialogue of forward thinkers who are passionate about shaping a future that is more socially, respectfully, environmentally, and economically sustainable.

For us, meaningful action and sustainability are not trendy topics, but values we stand for and put at the center of our work. Like our symbolic name, the challenges of our time make us recognize new opportunities to dive into new perspectives and awaken the pursuit of things that really matter.

Are you inspired and curious? Or would you like to discuss your ideas or projects? 

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